Participant Feedback


“This summit left me feeling so proud to be working for Kaiser Permanente.  I am more focused, motivated and inspired to do better.  Thanks to everyone involved for investing in your most valuable asset your workforce.”  

“I was inspired to push for more discussion around what transformational leadership looks like for my business area.”

“I will definitely be bolder and more deliberate about talking about central role that Community Benefit plays in our mission.”

“I will think harder about the data we have and how it can be used to address the needs of our communities and the newly insured.”

“Everything on the agenda was content rich and inspirational.  It was obvious that a great deal of thought and preparation had gone into the meeting.”

“The perspective, importance, influence, and needs of the newly insured will influence how I approach both work and personal decisions.  It was all very compelling.”

“I thought it was terrific to see leadership from every area of KP fully engaged and unified around their vision for Community Benefit. Their visibility and participation throughout the conference demonstrated their commitment.”  

“Going forward, I will think about my work in the context of how it will affect non-Kp members, especially our newer populations and our communities.” 

“The immersion experience gave me such a different perspective on the newly insured and the challenges they face.  It was enlightening and the ensuing discussion was so important.”  

“I plan to work more closely with our pediatric group to deliver different models of care to reach disparate populations.”  

“The food was amazing by the far the healthiest food I’ve had at a conference.  Kudos on banning sugar-sweetened beverages.  I also appreciated the green efforts.  It all took a lot of thought. Walking the talk is truly important.”  

“I can now see definitely need to build stronger partnerships with the community clinics in my area.”

“I am now better equipped to support new members that come to us through Health Reform.”  

“Having the opportunity to meet, engage, and learn from partners in other regions was great and left me feeling part of the larger team.”

“KP’s social mission and commitment to ensure Community Benefit lives throughout our organization was terrific.  I left feeling impressed and inspired by each of our leaders.”  

“I believe CB needs to step away from preaching to the choir and really try to leverage our relevance and importance and value to the broader audience that doesn’t fully understand Community Benefit work.”  

“I have always put the member first but this meeting reinforced for me why we do what we do at KP.”

“I will think about my work in context of how it will affect non-KP members, especially our newer populations and communities.” 

“I plan to track more closely what other regions are doing at a grassroots level to identify best practices.”

“I did not want The Community Benefit Summit to end! The agenda was superb and well-paced using different techniques and styles to engage, communicate, inspire, and challenge.  I didn’t leave the meeting behind when I went home. I found myself telling others about different aspects, pulling out my notebook to share some facts, and also trying to figure out what I can do to address issues but also hoping that there is a way for individuals to continue to be engaged in an organized way with this work.”