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Health Equity

Toward Health Equity for All

The health of our communities is not only a matter of social justice, but something that affects literally every person’s health and quality of life. And yet, today, the health of racial and ethnic minorities and disadvantaged populations is often worse than the health of the overall population. Kaiser Permanente believes that this is one of the most important issues facing the United States, and the world.

We believe that health is essential to economic and social development. We know that health care must become more affordable. And yet we also know that the increasing cost of health care consumes resources needed for essential needs such as housing, education, and economic development. If these social determinants of health are imperiled, our society is imperiled.

We use our financial, technical, and clinical knowledge and resources to help our members, and the communities we serve, realize their aspirations for total health. We seek to form and participate in partnerships with like-minded organizations to support those aspirations. Seeking health equity in every possible venue — homes, schools, workplaces, and wherever people gather — is part of our mission.