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Environmental Stewardship

A Healthy Environment for Healthy People

We are working to improve the environment and to make the link between the health of our members, our communities and our planet.

Our environmental roots can be traced to the beginning of the modern environmental movement. In 1963, the author and environmental crusader Rachel Carson spoke to Permanente doctors at San Francisco Medical Center in one of her last speeches. Carson, author of the book “Silent Spring,” warned about the dangers of certain chemicals to human health and to the environment. We were concerned about the environment then, and we’re concerned now. Decades later, we are working aggressively to curb our overall impact on the environment by building greener hospitals, sourcing sustainable food and medical supplies, reducing waste and looking at new ways to use less water and energy.

We have a far more sustainable operation today than ever before and we’ve learned a lot along the way. We share our experiences and practices with others to improve environmental performance of the entire health care sector. We also work to increase public awareness and promote public dialogue that recognizes the importance of environmental stewardship on the health of communities.

Striving to make our communities healthier requires a commitment to environmental health. Kaiser Permanente supports efforts to reduce pollutants, ensure safe areas for children to play and provide access to local produce through grants and partnerships with local organizations and programs.

Environmental stewardship doesn’t have to cost more; rather, it supports our commitment to providing affordable health care. We aim to share these experiences and practices with others to raise the bar of environmental performance and ultimately, to benefit the health of our communities and the environment.

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