Building Healthy Communities Is Our Mission

Kaiser Permanente's work in the community uniquely combines investments from our health plan as well as our hospitals and often includes medical expertise, health research, clinical programs, and volunteers.


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Total community investment

In charitable care and coverage

In grants, donations and services **

Students and adults reached through Educational Theatre

invested in 117 Thriving Schools * programs and activities

Physicians and employee volunteers

The Difference We Make

The San Francisco Department of Public Health received a $1 million investment from Kaiser Permanente to implement high reach, high impact strategies focused on improving healthy eating and active living in the Bayview neighborhood. These funds will increase healthy food options in local retail stores, create sustainable community gardening programs, and support neighborhood park improvements.


“We are thrilled to receive this grant because it will allow us to address the specific challenges that people in our community face every day,” said Roberto Vargas, chair for the Bayview HEAL Zone in San Francisco. “We’re going to be able to build on the successes we’ve had in the last three years and focus on the issues that directly impact an individual’s family’s ability and motivation to adopt healthy behaviors.”

Combined Health Plan/Hospital total investment $42,994,826
We also make investments through our fund at the East Bay Community Foundation (EBCF):
* Made through or partially through EBCF
** Additional EBCF investments not reflected in this figure

Priority Health Needs

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Improve Access to High Quality Health Care and Services

Reduce barriers to enrollment and provide programs that increase access to culturally competent care and the appropriate utilization of services. Support the health of seniors and persons with disabilities.

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Increase Healthy Eating and Active Living

Reduce consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and improve access to healthy foods, nutrition education and health knowledge in children. Support policies and programs that promote physical activity.

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Ensure Safe and Healthy Living Environments

Increase communication and conflict resolution among children and teens to prevent bullying and violence. Increase access to and use of safe public recreational spaces.