Building Healthy Communities Is Our Mission

Kaiser Permanente's work in the community uniquely combines investments from our health plan as well as our hospitals and often includes medical expertise, health research, clinical programs, and volunteers.


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playground with Thrive poster

Total community investment

In charitable care and coverage

In grants, donations and services **

Students and adults reached through Educational Theatre

invested in 136 Thriving Schools * programs and activities

Physicians and employee volunteers

Examples of Our Impact in Schools

Helping valley residents stay active improves the overall health of the community. Kaiser Permanete partnered with KaBOOM! and providing $500,000 and volunteers to create kid-designed, community built playgrounds in three central valley communities. These playgrounds increase access to safe physical activity for high need areas.


In addition, The City of Clovis received $40,000 to provide five exercise stations along the 4.6 mile Clovis Old Town Trail. “I absolutely love this trail, and we’re here today to recognize and say thank you to Kaiser Permanente,” Clovis Mayor Nathan Magsig said. “Kaiser Permanente recognizes the value of the people here and the value of their health and they’re very much committed to this community.”

Combined Health Plan/Hospital total investment $25,953,357
We also make investments through our fund at the East Bay Community Foundation (EBCF):
* Made through or partially through EBCF
** Additional EBCF investments not reflected in this figure

Priority Health Needs

Access to Health Care icon

Improve Access to Care

Provide programs for low-income and uninsured people.

Reduce Obesity icon

Increase Healthy Eating and Active Living

Invest in strategies that give families and youth better access to fresh fruits and vegetables and safe places to play.

Increase Healthy Eating icon

Improve Diabetes and Asthma Services Management

Get people screened and referred to health services, expand care and self-management education in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner, and collaborate with other organizations to increase awareness about the impact of pollution while advancing school policies that support children with asthma.