Building Healthy Communities Is Our Mission

Kaiser Permanente's work in the community uniquely combines investments from our health plan as well as our hospitals and often includes medical expertise, health research, clinical programs, and volunteers.


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Total community investment

In charitable care and coverage

In grants, donations and services **

Students and adults reached through Educational Theatre

invested in 182 Thriving Schools * programs and activities

Physicians and employee volunteers

The Difference We Make

When Doctors Medical Center (DMC) was in the final stages of planning its closure, Kaiser Permanente invested more than $2 million as well as providing technical assistance, furniture and medical equipment to support LifeLong Medical Care in offering new urgent care services. Located right across the street from DMC, LifeLong’s expanded care options helped fill potential gaps in care and services and provided an affordable option for people living in the east Bay.


“The fact that this facility was created in such a short period of time, and that people in this area have access to care, that’s what I’ve been amazed by,” said Dr. Desmond Carter, assistant medical director for LifeLong. “The hospital’s closing was a huge loss, but it’s a beautiful thing for me to still provide care to the community I was raised in.”

Combined Health Plan/Hospital total investment $95,836,884
We also make investments through our fund at the East Bay Community Foundation (EBCF):
* Made through or partially through EBCF
** Additional EBCF investments not reflected in this figure

Priority Health Needs

Access to Care icon

Improve Access to Care

Provide programs for low-income and uninsured people, train and support patient navigators.

Obesity icon

Increase Healthy Eating and Active Living

Invest in healthy food and beverage retail practices and nutritional policy strategies in childcare settings; support family-focused healthy eating and physical activity opportunities.

Violence icon

Increase Prevention of Community Violence

Expand and sustain school-based violence intervention and prevention, support youth leadership development, increase access to mental health and case management services.

Asthma icon

Improve Asthma Management

Educate children and families about creating asthma action plans; reduce exposures to home-based environmental triggers.