Building Healthy Communities Is Our Mission

Kaiser Permanente's work in the community uniquely combines investments from our health plan as well as our hospitals and often includes medical expertise, health research, clinical programs, and volunteers.


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Boy picking out apples at the farmers market

Total community investment

In charitable care and coverage

In grants, donations and services **

Students and adults reached through Educational Theatre

invested in 121 Thriving Schools * programs and activities

Physicians and employee volunteers

Examples of Our Impact in Schools

With a $125,000 investment the Boys & Girls Club of Stanislaus and the West Modesto King Kennedy Neighborhood Collaborative implemented a Triple Play after school program in Modesto High Schools that helped students eat more fresh produce, engage in more physical activity, and better understand the relationship between behaviors, choices and health.


At Eisenhut Elementary, an after-school program combines gardening, dance and exercise with healthy snacks, art and academics to help students thrive. Each child takes home a bulging bag of fresh produce and pantry staples twice a month. “I never tried it before. Lettuce is really good.” - Miraya Mireles, 8, Eisenhut student

Combined Health Plan/Hospital total investment $51,613,933
We also make investments through our fund at the East Bay Community Foundation (EBCF):
* Made through or partially through EBCF
** Additional EBCF investments not reflected in this figure

Priority Health Needs

Access to Health Care icon

Improve Access to Care

Assure that low-income youth and young adults have access to health education, with materials and tools that increase their use of preventive health services.

Reduce Obesity icon

Reduce Obesity and Diabetes

Increase access to healthy foods,
and support schools in low-income neighborhoods to improve the health and wellness of students and employees through improved nutrition, increased physical activity, and access to
health care.

Increase Healthy Eating icon

Increase Healthy Eating and Active Living

Support public health and safety net providers in providing weight loss and maintenance counseling.