Kaiser Permanente’s investments in the Roseville community focus on helping low-income and uninsured or underinsured individuals and families.  In 2013 we were working to:

  • Increase access to health care and other health-related services
  • Address obesity and overweight
  • Prevent community and family violence

As an employer, corporate citizen and nonprofit health plan, we recognize there are many factors that impact health.  Our investment in the overall health of Roseville includes:

Total investment Kaiser Permanente made in Roseville in 2013, through its Community Benefit program and resources.
Emergency room visits (many were supported through our charity care or financial assistance programs).
Students and their families learned how to make healthy choices via a free Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre performance.
Support for Summer Youth and INROADS internship programs.

Key Partners:

  • The Gathering Inn
  • St. Vincent De Paul Society – Roseville Area Conference, Inc.
  • Seniors First for Health Express
  • Soil Born Farms
  • Folsom Cordova Unified School District
  • KidsFirst
  • Lighthouse Counseling and Family Resource Center
  • StandUp Placer
  • Latino Leadership Council

“ I know as a caregiver it’s important for me to stay well. Now I can do that. This program has made a world of difference for us.”

Family in park

When it Comes to Health, Language Matters

Recognizing that Latinos have higher rates of diabetes and high blood pressure than other populations and that language barriers can keep people from getting the care they need, Kaiser Permanente provides grants to organizations like Placer county’s latino leadership council, to support promotoras programs.

Promotora is spanish for “promoter.” These professionally trained community members are seen as trusted mentors by the families they help.

In Placer county, where roughly 13 percent of the population is latino, promotoras collaborate with nursing students to conduct health screenings for latino clients. Based on those results, the mentors set up the initial appointment, accompany the patient, help them understand doctor recommendations, and make sure they follow up on the advice. According to the council, this effort has been successful in improving the overall wellness of local latinos.