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Our multifaceted, unique approach

In 2013 Kaiser Permanente provided more than $812 million to support community health in Northern California. Like our approach to medicine, our community investments advance prevention-focused, evidence-based programs and long-term, sustainable change. We focus on meeting the distinct, pressing needs in each community while working side-by-side with other organizations to address pervasive public health issues such as obesity and violence.

In addition to providing charity care, we provide a subsidized health plan for children who do not qualify for public programs. And as a non profit health organization with more than 65 years of experience, we uniquely share clinical practices, medical research, and the expertise of our care teams to extend our reach and deepen our impact.

In this interactive report we invite you to read and hear about our unique approach, and how our community investments fulfill our mission to “improve the health of our members and the communities we serve.”


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Like our approach to medicine, Kaiser Permanente’s community involvement addresses immediate needs while working toward long-term, sustainable change. Because we know the value of preventing disease, we devote the majority of our community investments to helping people get access to care and ongoing health coverage. In 2013 Kaiser Permanente in Northern California provided:

$109 million

in Medical Financial Assistance, helping people who could not afford to pay for the care they received at our facilities.

197,800 people

with subsidized health coverage, including 50,000 children who didn’t qualify for government programs.

$8 million

in grants to community organizations that provide care and organizations that help people find health-related programs and services.


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As a health plan and health care provider with more than 65 years of experience, we recognize that helping people get and stay well requires that they live, work and learn in healthy, safe environments. We work with community organizations to help restore people and places to a state of vitality. Our investments increase access to healthy food and physical activity in schools and neighborhoods, and reduce violence with support that helps victims heal and move on to make healthy choices. In 2013 we provided:

in grants and free resources as part of our Thriving Schools initiative to support the total health of students, teachers and staff with everything from health services and salad bars to mentoring and basketballs. + Watch video

$4.6 million

in grants to build safe communities and provide violence intervention services in our trauma centers. + Watch video

240 at-risk youth

from 12 non profit organizations with a day of health-related fun at our America’s Cup Youth Days events.

1,100 volunteers

to 22 community venues to repair, paint, garden and much more on our annual MLK Day of Service.


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To help improve the overall health care system, we invest in health research training for care providers, internships that introduce students to health careers, and programs that contribute to our community partners’ expertise. While many organizations provide financial support as part of their community involvement, Kaiser Permanente does much more. We pair grant funding with other assets--such as volunteers, and care provider expertise--to make a deeper, more sustainable impact on community health. For example, in 2013:

in high school and college had internship opportunities at our medical facilities and offices through our Summer Youth Employment and INROADS programs.

250 hours

of Kaiser Permanente expertise was shared with leaders from 5 nonprofit organizations at a pro-bono marathon facilitated by Taproot, resulting in communication plans, financial systems design, Human Resources solutions and IT problem solving.

3 videos

we created for Spark 101 began to reach high school STEM students nationwide, to help them learn how their classes can lead to health care careers.

21 communities

and dozens of organizations joined in conducting Community Health Needs Assessments across Northern California—using an online data platform we provide free of charge—with the goal of working together to address serious public health issues.

2013 Community Investments

Behind every number are lives made better


  • $812 million in total community investments
  • 197,800 people received subsidized health coverage
  • 69,000 Medical Financial Assistance awards
  • 325,750 people saw health-focused Educational Theatre
  • $99 million for organizations via 602 grants and 380 sponsorships
  • $9 million for 66 organizations, via our fund at the East Bay Community Foundation
  • 3,987physicians and employees participated, $2.38 million awarded via the Community Giving Campaign
  • 1,080 volunteers for Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service at 22 locations
  • 1,200 Nike Women’s Marathon runners received care from 110 clinical volunteers


Health Access:
$703 million

  • Charity Care – Medical Financial Assistance Program
  • Charity Care – Charitable Coverage Programs
  • Medi-Cal to Members and Non-Members
  • Healthy Families
  • Grants/Donations for Care and Coverage
  • Grants/Donations for Community Clinics and Other Safety Net Providers

Healthy Communities:
$35 million

  • Community Health Initiatives Programs and Services
  • Grants/Donations for Community Health Initiatives
  • Educational Theatre Programs

Health Knowledge:
$59 million

  • Interns & Residents (Graduate Medical Education)
  • Nurse and Other Health Care Professional Training Programs
  • Grants/Donations for Health Care Professionals Training & Education

Other Community Benefit:
$15 million

  • Youth Internship Programs
  • Community Giving Programs
  • Other Grants/Donations for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Other Community Benefit Activities

Leadership Message

Focusing on Total Health

Kaiser Permanente was created with the belief that the highest quality care can be affordable to all. This commitment remains as true today as it was when our organization was founded nearly 70 years ago. Our experience as a health plan and health care provider that’s committed to total health continues to drive our approach to medicine and our work in the community.

By working as a truly coordinated health care team, connected by our electronic health records, Kaiser Permanente is able to provide the best comprehensive care to our members and patients. Likewise, by collaborating with other organizations, and supporting the programs and services they provide, we are able to make a deeper, more sustainable difference in community health.

Looking through this interactive online report, you’ll see just a few of the many ways we go beyond the charitable care that other health care organizations provide, and how our community investments go beyond the grantmaking by foundations and corporations. We believe this approach is the best way to help more people be and stay well.

Gregory A. Adams

Gregory A. Adams

President, Northern California Region,
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals

Yvette Radford

Yvette Radford

Vice President, External and Community Affairs,
Kaiser Permanente Northern California