Kaiser Permanente’s investments in the greater southern Alameda community focus on helping low-income and uninsured or underinsured individuals and families.  In 2013 we were working to:

  • Access to health care and other health-related services
  • Address obesity and overweight
  • Improve prevention and management of diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • Increase violence prevention and education

As an employer, corporate citizen and nonprofit health plan, we recognize there are many factors that impact health. Our investment in the overall health of the greater southern Alameda community includes:

Total investment Kaiser Permanente made in GSAA in 2013, through its Community Benefit program and resources.
Emergency room visits (many were supported through our charity care or financial assistance programs).
Students and their families learned how to make healthy choices via a free Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre performance.
Hours spent performing 235 free medical procedures for Operation Access, thanks to 143 Kaiser Permanente medical volunteers.
Support for Summer Youth and INROADS internship programs.

Key Partners:

  • Friends of Children with Special Needs
  • Community Child Care Council (4Cs) of Alameda County
  • Tri-City Health Center
  • Alameda County Department of Public Health
  • East Bay Agency for Children
  • Davis Street Family Resource Center
  • Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center
  • REACH Ashland Youth Center

“It was such an inspiration for all. The students were amazed about the sugar amount in soda and juice they drank. The play was incredible because students actively participated and enjoyed the show. Most importantly, the message that was conveyed to our students about healthy living was spot on.”

Children running in park

What a difference a place makes

In an area known for poverty, violence and chronic health conditions, REACH Ashland Youth Center offers young people a chance to succeed. The center serves youth between the ages of 11-24 years with a wide range of engaging programs free of charge.

Kaiser Permanente provided REACH a grant of $24,000 to support its Recreation and Fitness Program. The program aims to improve youth participants’ physical health and overall sense of well-being with nutrition and health classes, and several options for physical activity.

Between April 2012 and June 2013, REACH held two major community events, conducted public outreach, and held on-site tours. As a result, from the time it opened its doors May 2012 to the end of June, the center enrolled more than 700 members.