Our Community Investments are Making Lives Better

Our Community
Investments are
Making Lives Better

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Expanding access to CARE for all people

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We believe people should not have to choose between buying groceries and taking their child to the doctor for a check-up. That’s why the majority of our community investments are devoted to helping people get care and health coverage—and connecting them with health and social service resources. For example, in 2012 Kaiser Permanente in Northern California provided:

  • $109.2 million in Medical Financial Assistance, helping people who could not afford to pay for the care they received at our facilities
  • 218,000 people with subsidized health coverage, including 50,000 kids who didn’t qualify for government programs
  • $7.4 million in funding for community clinics and public health systems, to help them prepare to care for more people under health care reform
  • Support for cutting-edge technology that is being adopted by many states nationwide, including California, to help people explore the health coverage choices that are available under the Affordable Care Act

Building healthy COMMUNITIES that promote wellness

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As a health plan and health care provider with more than 65 years of experience, we recognize that the high-quality care people receive at our medical facilities is just one part of the wellness equation. When people leave our offices, their health depends on them returning to places that support healthy choices every day.

Our vision is that all people live in vibrant communities that have parks and playgrounds that are safe to play in, with access to healthy food at home, work, and school. In 2012, we invested $5.1 million in programs that promote wellness and long-term environmental change, while also working with other organizations to:

Sharing KNOWLEDGE that builds the future

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While many organizations provide financial support as part of their community involvement, Kaiser Permanente does much more. We pair grant funding with other assets—such as medical research, volunteers, and physician and other care provider expertise—to make a deeper, more sustainable impact on community health. For example, in 2012 we:

  • Provided communications training, consulting, and products to local nonprofits, including a video that is being used to help pass anti-smoking policies for multi-unit housing (featured above)
  • Shared with the health field and our community partners a data resource that we developed to identify and address our community's greatest health needs
  • Paired $500,000 in funding with the design and construction expertise of our National Facilities Services team to help Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center make improvements to their medical offices
  • Offered health care internship opportunities to 188 high school and college students through Summer Youth Employment, INROADS, and other internship programs

2012 Community Investments

Behind every number are lives made better


Piechart showing

Health Access: $753 million

  • Charity Care – Medical Financial Assistance Program
  • Charity Care – Charitable Coverage Programs
  • Medi-Cal to Members and Non-Members
  • Healthy Families
  • Grants/Donations for Care and Coverage
  • Grants/Donations for Community Clinics and Other Safety Net Providers

Healthy Communities: $5 million

  • Community Health Initiatives Programs and Services
  • Grants/Donations for Community Health Initiatives
  • Educational Theatre Programs

Health Knowledge: $130 million

  • Medical Research
  • Interns & Residents (Graduate Medical Education)
  • Nurse and Other Health Care Professional Training Programs
  • Grants/Donations for Health Care Professionals Training & Education

Other Community Benefit:
$15 million

  • Youth Internship Programs
  • Community Giving Programs
  • Other Grants/Donations for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Other Community Benefit Activities

Leadership Message

Focusing on Total Health

As a health plan and health care provider, Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to keeping people well has set us apart from others in the health industry for more than 65 years. It’s also had a profound influence on our work in the community.

Looking through this interactive online report, you’ll see that we go beyond the charitable care that other health care organizations provide, and our community investments go beyond the grantmaking done by foundations and corporations.

We believe in total health for all—and are working to make that happen by investing in community programs and services that improve the health of our members, their families, their neighborhoods, and the broader communities where they live, work, learn, and play.

Greg Adams

Gregory A. Adams

President, Northern California Region,
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals

Greg Adams

Yvette Radford

Vice President, External and Community Affairs,
Kaiser Permanente Northern California