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For Kaiser Permanente, research is an organization-wide endeavor of national scope. Through collaborations with public and private research entities, studies conducted at our eight regional research centers increase the capacity of the nation’s research enterprise. Together, we address critical issues like childhood obesity and associated chronic diseases that transcend the scope of individual research entities.

In 2011, almost 2,000 individual researchers, as well data managers, analysts, administrators and other support staff, were active throughout the organization. They conducted more than 4,000 research and evaluation studies and published more than 1,100 articles in professional journals. Through a total investment in medical research of $191 million in 2011, we built on our core epidemiological and clinical effectiveness studies to support widely shared research that encompasses clinical practice, behavioral, genetic, genomic, and environmental studies.

Since the 1950s, our research activities have expanded into new research centers in each of our eight regions, making Kaiser Permanente one of the nation's largest, nonacademic health research organizations.

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