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Since 2000, the Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Policy has served as a key organizational voice for informing national health policy and practice by sharing our unique experience as the nation’s largest private, integrated health care delivery and financing organization.

The Institute draws on a reservoir of knowledge and experience among our clinicians, researchers, economists, policy analysts, and communications experts, as well as numerous external partners in the fields of public health, research, and health care delivery. Through a variety of forums, publications, consultations, and grants, the Institute staff and distinguished fellows help to ensure that the critical issues of health care reform are informed by a solid foundation of evidence.

In 2011, Institute staff contributed to more than a dozen internal and external publications. The Institute also sponsored or cosponsored eight public or invitational conferences, roundtables, webinars, and brown-bag briefings on subjects ranging from health care delivery reform to healthy food policy, graduate medical education, and e-health disparities (unequal access to health information technology).

We routinely seek out forums and venues that provide stimulating, two-way knowledge exchanges that benefit as many as possible, as quickly as possible.

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