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Healthy people depend on healthy communities. But healthy communities do not just happen. They are the result of a host of personal, socioeconomic, environmental, clinical, and public policy factors that come together to produce powerful relationships between places and the people who live, work, learn, and play in them. Working with our community partners to better understand these relationships and shape them in ways that improve the health of communities is the focus of our Community Health Initiatives and Environmental Stewardship

In 2011, we invested more than $7.7 million in our Community Health Initiatives/Healthy Eating Active Living partnerships, which focus on prevention of obesity and its related diseases through improved healthy food choices and support for physical activity. These have expanded from just three communities eight years ago to more than 40 locales today, supported by a cumulative investment of more than $236 million.

Our industry-leading Environmental Stewardship programs are another key component of our overall Total Health strategy. They focus not only on reducing and mitigating our own environmental impacts, but also on the broad environmental forces, including resource depletion and global warming, that impact all communities.

“In 2011, more than half a million lives were impacted by the hundreds of health interventions and community change strategies in the 26 HEAL communities that were evaluated.”

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