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Since our earliest days, our physicians and employees have embraced community service as an opportunity to put their skills, knowledge, and time to work enriching their communities and assisting their neighbors in need, however near or far those neighbors may be. It’s a chance for them to work up a sweat and get their hands dirty in the satisfying work of rebuilding homes and neighborhoods, digging and planting school gardens, feeding and sheltering the homeless, or performing life-changing surgeries and delivering other vital health services. Whether they serve at home or abroad, it’s a chance for them to grow personally by helping others to grow healthy in body, mind, and spirit. By supporting our people with financial resources and organizational assistance, we have helped reinforce a culture of compassion and service that touches the lives of thousands of individuals and families in our own commuinities and throughout the world.

For the people of Kaiser Permanente, community service is a growth opportunity — a way to plant and nourish the seeds to grow strong, healthy communities

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