Meet the Hosts of Total Health Radio

Joyce Gottesfeld, MD, Kaiser Permanente Colorado
Joyce Gottesfeld, MD, is an OB/GYN and has been practicing with Kaiser Permanente Colorado for 17 years. She’s a wife, proud mother of three girls, runner and blogger.

When she is not doing the work that she loves – delivering babies, performing surgery, and helping women in the most personal area of their lives – she is making her way through the crazy chaos of a full life.

We asked Dr. Gottesfeld how she felt about being a part of Total Health Radio, and here’s what she said:

“I love to educate women about their health, their bodies, and the changes they are going to go through over the course of their lives. So I’m excited about Total Health Radio – reaching more people and really getting information out there in a way that’s engaging and can help people take care of themselves.”
Farra Levin Headshot 2Farra Levin communicates for a living at Kaiser Permanente, and she loves talking about health topics and issues. Her passion comes through in her interviews — along with her humor and straight-talking attitude.

When she’s not planning and recording her shows for Total Health Radio, Farra and her wife are raising their four-year-old son and identical-twin infant boys. (If she sounds a little out of breath in some of the episodes, it might be because four tiny feet were kicking her ribcage.)