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Let’s talk total health. Whether you’re looking to try out a new recipe, read care stories or find new ways to live well, we’ve got you covered.

Care Stories

Kaiser Permanente members talk about their care in their own words, unscripted and uncompensated. We also showcase our physicians and employees in action, caring for our members.

Most Recent Post // April 24, 2017

Organ Donation: A Q&A With Juan Alvergue, MD

Organ donation is the process of giving an organ or part of an organ for the purpose of ... more

A History of Total Health

Join us in a discussion of today's health care topics as we draw links to relevant events in Kaiser Permanente's 70-plus year history of shaping healthcare in America.

Most Recent Post // April 26, 2017

Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the World War II shipyards

Lincoln Cushing Heritage writer   During World War II, venereal diseases were called “the enemy in your pants,” and soldiers were warned that “your carelessness is their secret weapon.” But ordinary workers on the …

Food for health. Recipes for life.

Food for Health is a place for Kaiser Permanente caregivers to post recipes and talk about important issues related to nutrition and health. Recipes on this blog reflect our belief that good taste and good health go hand in hand. Come join our doctors, nurses and dieticians to learn more about cooking wholesome food for a healthier life.

Most Recent Post // April 26, 2017

Pinto Bean Stew with Jalapeño Corn Dumplings

When counseling many of my patients on healthier nutrition, a common barrier is lack of time to prepare foods. I understand. With our busy lifestyles, coming home to prepare a…

Center for Total Health

With this blog, we invite people — everyone from bloggers to media to experts to thought leaders — to come together and delve into a wide variety of health care topics.

Most Recent Post // April 21, 2017

Four Ways the Health Care Industry Can Help Green the Planet

Earth Day 2017 is April 22, a good time to consider the many ways both individuals and organizations can take steps toward greening the planet — whether it’s opting for... The post Four Ways the Health Care Industry Can Help …

Thriving Schools

Thriving Schools promotes workforce health and student-focused initiatives like improving school lunches and increasing opportunities for physical activity. This blog highlights the latest healthy changes happening at schools.

Most Recent Post // April 20, 2017

Break-room Makeovers Boost Morale and Focus on School Staff Wellness

A well-equipped, inviting staff and teacher lounge is a place to unwind and refresh. Lower stress levels can help staff remain healthy and engaged, and perform at their best. A recent look at staff break-room makeovers found that …