A History of Total Health

Join us in a discussion of today’s health care topics as we draw links to relevant events in Kaiser Permanente’s 70-plus year history of shaping healthcare in America.

The ‘Core Mothers’ inspired community health at Kaiser Permanente program in Los Angeles

Aryonia White, 2018 summer intern   Bill Coggins with Core Mothers Group, Watts CLC, 1975 In August 1965, the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts underwent a 6-day riot against police...

Care Stories

Kaiser Permanente members talk about their care in their own words, unscripted and uncompensated. We also showcase our physicians and employees in action, caring for our members.

Pediatric Patients with Diabetes Receive Care All in One Place

When he was just two years old, Calvin Jackson was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. As they continue to learn about and manage his condition, Calvin’s mom, Allison is relieved...

Center for Total Health

With this blog, we invite people — everyone from bloggers to media to experts to thought leaders — to come together and delve into a wide variety of health care topics.

Increasing Access to Birth Control Means More Than Just “The Pill”

More than half of all pregnancies, or nearly all teen pregnancies, in the United States are unplanned and limited access to birth control has a lot to do with it....

Food for Health

Food for Health is a place for Kaiser Permanente caregivers to post recipes and talk about important issues related to nutrition and health. Recipes on this blog reflect our belief that good taste and good health go hand in hand. Come join our doctors, nurses and dieticians to learn more about cooking wholesome food for a healthier life.

‘Barbecue’ Tempeh

Tempeh, which can be used in many of the ways you can use tofu, is made from cooked and slightly fermented soy or other beans and formed into a patty....

Thriving Schools

Thriving Schools promotes workforce health and student-focused initiatives like improving school lunches and increasing opportunities for physical activity. This blog highlights the latest healthy changes happening at schools.

Building a Resilient School Environment

Safety protocols and active-shooter drills are becoming more and more common in today’s school environments. Sometimes, these drills can be emotionally tough or even triggering for students and staff. McFadden...