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Kaiser Permanente and Emory Healthcare Announce New Collaboration for Integrated Care

Emory Healthcare and Kaiser Permanente will collaborate to develop a new care model that provides Kaiser Permanente members with a fully integrated health care experience. Emory University Hospital Midtown and Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital will become the primary hospitals for Kaiser Permanente physicians and members.

Help Mom De-Stress This Mother’s Day

Being a parent is joyous and rewarding — and also stressful at times. Whether working or staying at home, parents face a barrage of demands and self-imposed expectations. As parents,...
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What Your Cholesterol Numbers Really Mean

LDL used to be the “bad cholesterol” and HDL the “good cholesterol.” Science keeps evolving. High HDL is no longer automatically good, for example. A Kaiser Permanente cardiologist takes a look at what your cholesterol numbers really mean.