In this series of briefs, we review the scope of Kaiser Permanente Research on a selection of high priority topics. We describe the contributions of Kaiser Permanente research to understanding risk, improving patient outcomes, and translating research into policy and practice, and profile some exemplar research publications in each topic.

Doctor's in a lab coat, wearing a red ribbon in support of HIV awareness.

Kaiser Permanente is among the largest providers of HIV care in the U.S. Our research has informed policy and practice and helped people live longer, healthier lives.

Father, son and daughter eating a healthy meal at the table.

Diabetes is an active area of study for Kaiser Permanente Research. We have published more than 840 articles related to this topic over the past decade.

Young woman looking out of the window.

Mental Health
Mental health is an essential part of total wellbeing. With 600 publications since 2007, our research on this topic has made important contributions to understanding risk and improving patient outcomes.

Several Prescription Drugs Spilled From Fallen Bottle Near Glass of Alcohol.

Substance-Use Disorders
These neurobiological disorders involve a complex interplay between genetics and environment and are an active area of study for Kaiser Permanente. Our articles published since 2007 have been cited more than 9,000 times.

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