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Safety Net Partnerships


Kaiser Permanente is committed to building partnerships with the institutions that serve on the front lines of health care for the uninsured and underserved. By providing support to community health centers, public hospitals, local health departments and school health centers, Kaiser Permanente helps these safety net institutions deliver care to many low-income and marginalized communities.

We do this by investing in quality improvement, population health and other support efforts which will transform care and improve health care access for our most vulnerable populations. We actively cultivate a partnership of collaboration with our nation’s safety net providers, seeking innovative ways to improve care to all patients that face barriers in accessing quality health care. e Among our strategies are support for trainings and scholarships, program development and expansion of evidence driven population management programs.

Furthermore, our Kaiser Permanente clinicians provide hundreds of c hours providing medical care, consultation, and technical assistance in care delivery to communities served by the safety net.

We invite you to learn more about the work we do in the safety net by clicking through the tabs to the right on Quality Improvement and Population Health, Leadership Development and Improving Access and Transforming Care.