We encourage you to carefully review the eligibility requirements below to help you determine whether or not to apply for funding.

Kaiser Permanente’s national philanthropy program supports charitable organizations and projects that are:

  • Active in at least two of Kaiser Permanente’s eight regions
  • Able to demonstrate impact in our Funding Priority Areas

To help determine the eligibility and fit of your project or organization with Kaiser Permanente’s grantmaking criteria, please complete our funding eligibility questionnaire. Instructions on applying for funding will be provided after you’ve completed the questionnaire.


We accept applications year-round. Within two weeks of submission, applicants can expect acknowledgement via email that their proposal was received. If eligibility and application requirements have been met, applicants will also receive details on the timeframe in which their request will be reviewed and evaluated.

Requirements for Grants and Reports

A Grant Agreement may be issued to successful applicants. It will include information on various contingencies or pre-funding requirements. The agreement emphasizes Kaiser Permanente’s expectations for superior performance. Final reports are required for all grants. Progress reports are a condition for release of funds for multi-year grants.

Eligibility FAQ

Can I apply for more than one grant within the same calendar year?

Yes. If an organization’s work encompasses multiple Funding Priority Areas,  please see the question below about applying for more than one priority are in the same request.

Does Kaiser Permanente fund disease-specific organizations?

Occasionally, Kaiser Permanente’s funding of disease-specific organizations focuses on prevention, outreach to underserved populations and education.

Can I apply for more than one priority area in the same grant request?

No. We ask that applicants choose the funding priority that best suits your request. If the project or your organization encompasses two or more funding priorities, Kaiser Permanente staff will oversee the due diligence process for analysis by the appropriate internal reviewers.

Is it possible to seek funds to expand or improve a community clinic?

Yes. Kaiser Permanente is committed to building and maintaining partnerships with community health centers, local health departments and public hospitals. Funding for expansion of or improvements to a safety net facility can be an important part of that commitment. These requests should be submitted to the Kaiser Permanente region in which the clinic is located, not to the national philanthropy program.

Can I contact Kaiser Permanente to see if my organization’s work is a fit?

We suggest that you first read the Funding Priority Areas. After doing so, if you are still unsure whether your organization is a fit, please answer our online funding eligibility questionnaire.

My religious organization operates social service programs. Can we apply for funding?

Yes. Kaiser Permanente accepts proposals from religious organizations, provided that the organization does not solely provide services and programs to its congregation/membership or plans to use funds for the purposes of advancing religious doctrine or philosophy. These requests should be submitted to the Kaiser Permanente region in which your organization is located, not to the national philanthropy program.

Northern California

Southern California






Will Kaiser Permanente fund advocacy efforts if they are part of my project?

Yes, under certain conditions. Grantees are prohibited from using Kaiser Permanente funds to:

  • support any political campaign;
  • support or influence any government legislation, except in making available the results of non-partisan analysis, study or research; and/or
  • fund “lobbying expenditures” as defined under Section 501(h) of the Internal Revenue Code without written consent from Kaiser Permanente.

What if my organization or project serves more than one Kaiser Permanente region?

Submit the proposal to Kaiser Permanente’s national office. We will oversee the due diligence process for analysis by the appropriate internal reviewers.

If an organization is funded one year, is it ineligible to reapply the next year?

No. Receiving a grant from Kaiser Permanente in a prior year does not make an organization ineligible to receive future grants. To maintain eligibility, organizations that are granted funding must submit all required documentation throughout the grant period, including acknowledgement-of-receipt letters and progress reports.

What percentage does Kaiser Permanente allow for indirect expenses?

Kaiser Permanente does not set a specific limit for indirect expenses. Indirect expenses must be a reasonable amount in relation to the project budget and must be necessary in order to achieve the desired outcomes from the project.  Staff will review each proposal’s indirect expenses as part of the due diligence process and contact the organization if there are questions or concerns.

If my organization is not a 501(c)(3), can we still submit an application?

Yes. In addition to 501(c)(3) organizations, the following types of organizations also are eligible to receive charitable contributions:

  • War veterans’ organizations, including post, auxiliaries, trusts or foundations with 501(c) (19) designations
  • Certain domestic fraternal societies, orders and associations with 501(c)(8) or 501(c)(10) designations
  • Local, state or federal government agencies
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