Young African American boy holding a bunch of broccoli, at farmers market with his mother.

We support innovative efforts to increase nutritious foods, physical activity, economic vitality, safety and wellness in local schools, workplaces and neighborhoods.

What is a healthy community? We at Kaiser Permanente believe that it’s more than the absence of illness. It’s an environment that supports the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of those who live, work, play and pray there. It’s a safe route for kids to walk or bicycle to school, a neighborhood grocery store stocked with fresh produce, parks and playgrounds that welcome families and workplaces that promote wellness and physical activity.

Kaiser Permanente’s Community Health Initiatives takes a prevention-driven approach to health, supporting policies and environmental changes that promote healthy eating and active living (often referred to as HEAL) in neighborhoods, schools and workplaces. Our work also addresses the economic vitality of families and communities, neighborhood safety and social and emotional wellness — key factors in promoting healthy communities. We work with community-based organizations, public agencies, businesses and residents to translate their vision for healthy communities into visible, concrete changes — and ultimately healthier neighborhoods.

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Kaiser Permanente’s Community Health Initiatives has been consistently recognized as a model of successful efforts to improve public health. The Commonwealth Center for Governance Studies at the University of Kentucky cited Community Health Initiatives as one of the nation’s leading examples of hospital-public health collaboration. And the Vitality Institute, a global research organization dedicated to health promotion and prevention, highlighted Community Health Initiatives as a high-impact example of strategic philanthropy advancing public health.

How We Work

Kaiser Permanente’s Community Health Initiatives addresses the social, economic and environmental determinants of health. We lift up the role of communities as vital settings that create the conditions of health as well as the importance of non-medical resources in communities that promote well-being and prevent disease. Excellent medical care alone is not sufficient to create healthy communities. In order to bring about demonstrable improvements in health, we must work with others to create health-promoting physical, social and economic environments. This work helps us execute on Kaiser Permanente’s social mission and commitment to health equity and total health.

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