Advancing Health Equity through Grants and Sponsorships

Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States* is committed to improving health and reducing racial, ethnic, and other health disparities in the communities we serve. We do this by investing and collaborating with individuals and organizations to address community health needs, particularly in ways that support those who historically and disproportionately experience inequities and injustice. We know that good health is more than the absence of illness. Hence our community health team serves at the intersection of philanthropy and public health to increase access to affordable health care; socio-economic opportunity; and healthy policies, systems and built environments.  Our aim is to be a trusted partner in total health, creating communities that are among the healthiest in the nation.

*District of Columbia, Maryland and Northern Virginia

Grants & Sponsorships

Our grants and direct contributions allow us to forge meaningful partnerships with local nonprofits, public agencies, like-minded foundations, and other institutions as we strive to achieve the greatest possible impact on health. We address three prioritized areas of need in the region as identified in our most recent Mid-Atlantic States Community Health Needs Assessment: socio-economic security, health care access, and mental health and wellness. Generally, organizations that serve communities within our geographic footprint and are recognized by the IRS as non-profits are eligible to apply for funding.  Each request must be accompanied by an application, follow a duly diligent review process and undergo consideration by a committee.


Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States provides grants for programs and projects that align with our region’s most important health needs. We oversee two grant rounds annually, generally in each Spring and Fall. Organizations seeking grant support may submit a short letter of interest on an ongoing basis here. In advance of each grant round, we will review all submitted letters of interest.  Organizations, programs, or projects that fit well with our community health goals may receive a formal Request for Proposal or an invitation to apply for funding.

In the spirit of our commitment to health equity in the Mid-Atlantic States, Kaiser Permanente welcomes applications from an array of organizations. We seek to ensure equitable access to Kaiser Permanente’s grant resources for non-traditional applicant organizations, in addition to those with longevity and traditional structures. We welcome letters of interest from new, small, grassroots organizations, and welcome the opportunity to help them grow and thrive with our support.


Kaiser Permanente sponsorships support non-profit organizations that serve our Mid-Atlantic States service area.  Our sponsorships support events, activities and organizations that align with our Community Health Needs Assessment priorities – increased health care access, support for mental health and wellness, access to economic opportunity, access to healthy foods and physical activity, and health care workforce development.

Please submit your request for sponsorship at least 60 days prior to your event or activity. If you are requesting sponsorship for a gala, please submit your application at least 90 days prior. We consider sponsorship applications on an ongoing basis. We will contact you with our decision within 4 weeks of application.

Please note that sponsorship requests for golf tournaments or other athletic events, religious or political activities or events, social organizations, endowments, individuals, memorials, or field trips will not be considered.


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