Kaiser Permanente recognizes safety nets as essential community partners in our shared goal of improving the health of individuals and communities. Federally qualified health centers, community-funded clinics, and rural health clinics are vital parts of Colorado’s health care safety net, providing quality care for the state’s most under-resourced populations.

Access to care is identified as a prioritized health need in our community health needs assessment.  We’re committed to supporting this issue and the safety net through a variety of ways.

Primary Care Access
Recognizing the shortage of primary care providers in the state, we invest in and promote a long-term clinical volunteer program to place Kaiser Permanente physicians, physician assistants, and nurses into safety net clinics. Each of these professionals may serve up to 96 hours per year to deliver care directly to patients.

Specialty Care Access
Our Safety Net Specialty Care Program allows safety net primary care providers to electronically request advice (e-consult) with select Kaiser Permanente specialists regarding their uninsured adult patients. The program also provides specific face-to-face specialty care visits for safety net patients and offers opportunities for medical education to safety net providers.

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