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Congratulations on your grant! We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you to support the important work you do and the valuable impact you make on the community and people’s lives. The following are resources that you might find useful.


Your new grant is an excellent time to tell the story of your work, to your partners, the community, and the media. There are many ways to communicate including press release, newsletter, website, social media, and donor communications. Please find attached a grant partner communications toolkit that you may find useful when communicating about your grant.  Use this information when communicating about your Kaiser Permanente grant.

News release.


[CITY] – … through the generous donation of Kaiser Permanente Colorado,
<Insert text about the grant and what it will accomplish>

About Kaiser Permanente Colorado

Kaiser Permanente Colorado is the state’s largest nonprofit health plan, working to improve the lives and health of all Coloradans for 49 years. We’re comprised of the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado and the Colorado Permanente Medical Group—one of the state’s largest medical groups with more than 1,200 physicians. We provide comprehensive care for our 660,000 Kaiser Permanente Colorado members through 31 medical offices across the state—from Pueblo to Greeley and in Summit and Eagle counties. We’re also committed to our social mission and in 2017, proudly directed more than $122 million to community benefit programs to improve the health of all Coloradans. For more Kaiser Permanente news, visit or follow us @kpcolorado or like us


  • Contact us for a copy of our logo; please indicate how you plan to use the logo – in print, broadcast or electronic form – so we send the correct format and brand guidelines. Our logos are available in JPG and EPS formats in both color and black and white.

Additional communication considerations.

  • Add our logo to your web page as a sponsor.
  • Add on your external communications regarding your community work.

Social media channels for Kaiser Permanente.

 Social Media Message Examples.

  • We’re proud to partner with Kaiser Permanente on our important community work @kpcolorado <insert organization info>
  • We can move forward with our important work thanks to a grant from Kaiser Permanente @kpcolorado <insert organization info>
  • We’re passionate about <insert content> and partnering with Kaiser Permanente to change our communities <insert organization info>

Print a PDF of the complete toolkit


Grant partners are required to request written approval to amend the terms of their grant agreement and/or approved budget. To request a financial amendment, please complete the financial grant amendment request form.

For communications questions contact:

Russell Taylor
Community Benefit & Relations
Communications Consultant
10350 East Dakota Avenue
Denver, CO 80247

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