Tapping the Power and Potential of Technology Together

overview shot of the Golden Gate Bridge, with the words World Economic Forum: Welcome to the World Economic Forum Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Digital technology is revolutionizing our world in ways we are only beginning to realize. Recently Kaiser Permanente Chairman and CEO Bernard J. Tyson joined other CEOs and global leaders to welcome the World Economic Forum’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution to San Francisco — a fitting location for a global center committed to ensuring that advances in technology, science and medicine serve humanity and foster the universally held values of equality, connectedness and peace.

As a founding partner of the center, Kaiser Permanente will actively use this platform to collaborate with policymakers, technology leaders, influencers and others to tap the power and potential of technology to transform health care. Specifically, we will explore opportunities related to such things as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, precision medicine, data sharing and ownership, etc., while also working to resolve the ethical and practical concerns these advances in science and technology create.