Statement on Elimination of Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) Subsidies

Bernard J. Tyson, chairman and CEO, on elimination of CSR subsidies and our commitment to give more Americans the opportunity to live healthier lives

monuments at night in washington, d.c.

With the recent bipartisan efforts aimed at stabilizing the individual insurance market, we believed we were making progress on stabilizing access to health care coverage in communities throughout America. Until yesterday’s decision to stop funding Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) subsidies, we were encouraged that we were on course to stabilize the market.

We are extremely disappointed to learn that the funding of the CSR subsidies will cease. This move will contribute to the destabilization of the market, and make millions of Americans concerned about their ability to afford health coverage that gives them access to care through the front door of the American health care system.

In the best interests of our members, patients and the communities we serve, we continue to believe policymakers must come together and make governing decisions that support increased access to high-quality, affordable care, and ensure coverage for more — not fewer people in this country. Only by giving more Americans the opportunity to live healthier lives will we be advancing health care in America.