Improving Access

Improving Access

We believe that everyone deserves quality health care and that healthy people create stronger communities.

In our effort to improve access and transform care, we are focused on:

  • Specialty care access
  • School based Health Centers

Leveraging Kaiser Permanente excellence

Specialty Care Access

To address the lack of access to specialty care for low income and uninsured patients, Kaiser Permanente physicians dedicate hundreds of clinical hours to evaluating and treating patients referred to them by community health centers and other safety net organizations.

Kaiser Permanente also supports unique partnerships of care providers to address the shortage of specialty care for low-income individuals. Increasingly, Kaiser Permanente is partnering with organizations to understand the role technology could play in solving the problem with access. Kaiser Permanente partners with the Center for Care Innovations to explore new models of care, including the deployment of technological solutions to improve access to care across a full spectrum of needs.

School Based Health Centers and Community Access

Schools have been a focal point for community health improvement for years. At Kaiser Permanente our partnerships with school based health centers have been created to expand access to children, youth, and their families and to create new models of care delivery that are customized to meet the service needs of these populations.