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Education and Training of Health Care Professionals

In 2007 we invested $85 million to educate health care professionals. We trained 2,500 medical residents and interns, provided more than $3 million in grants and onsite training to educate nursing students, and offered scholarships to 8,700 medical school students. Our Graduate Medical Education (GME) program attracts some of the top tier medical school graduates in the U.S., providing training for the next generation of physicians. The program places physicians in community clinics for “on the job” training and at the same time delivers improved health care at local community clinics. To address shortages in health care staffing, The Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences prepares students for careers in the growing fields of radiography, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, and sonography, with short-term and evening courses offered in phlebotomy, fluoroscopy, venipuncture, and CPR.