In The Community

Community Health Initiatives

Place-Based Collaboratives

Kaiser Permanente has long recognized the connection between health and place. We understand that maintaining good health is easier when people are surrounded by healthy choices in their schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods.  We also recognize that building healthy surroundings for people is not something that can be led by one individual or organization alone. It is a collaborative effort that must involve the whole community.
One of the centerpieces of the Community Health Initiatives work we engage in are our Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) collaboratives. These collaboratives represent a community-based approach to wellness that seeks to make changes at multiple levels in order to bring about improved health outcomes:

  • Built-environment changes
  • Public policy changes
  • Individual behavior changes
  • Increased community engagement and community ownership

Through strategic grant-making efforts, community partnerships, and the mobilization of a diverse array of stakeholders, Kaiser Permanente initiates and supports HEAL interventions across the country to help communities realize their vision for change.

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