Our Programs

Our Programs

Theater is a powerful medium.

We use the creativity, interaction and immediacy of theater to empower and inspire audiences through stories and modeling of positive behavior.

Kaiser Permanente’s educational theatre departments are committed to working with schools and nonprofit organizations to pinpoint issues and customize services specific to their needs.

Yet, theater is only part of what we do.

Each of Kaiser Permanente’s regions has its own unique program, providing multiple interventions to the community.

School programs

Our largest area of work is for public, private and institutional schools for early elementary to high school students. Some of our programs include question and answer sessions, teacher curriculum guides, parent resource guides and student guides/activities. We evaluate our programs for educational value, relevancy and accuracy of content, retention of information, impact on student behavior and suggestions for improvement.

Community programs

An interactive gameshow in a park. The host is wearing an outfit from the 1970s and kids are raising their hands

Smarty Pants promotes physical activity and alternative transportation.

We created our community programs to enhance communications in a variety of settings throughout the communities that Kaiser Permanente serves. Through the creative use of multimedia tools and the theatrical arts, we strive to promote discussion, increase understanding and improve relationships. For example, in Kaiser Permanente’s Northwest Region, we developed “Smarty Pants” to serve citywide gatherings like Portland Sunday Parkways, monthly events designed to promote physical activity and alternative transportation.

“Smarty Pants” offers participants an opportunity to test their knowledge on health-related subject matter, from healthy food choices to bike safety to sustainable living. Kaiser Permanente worked with Portland Parks and Recreation to send “Smarty Pants” on the road, performing for the summer Meals in the Parks program and providing interactive entertainment to families gathered for affordable meals.

A business man is in the center with two people on either side trying to get his attention

Acting on Stress focuses on stress reduction and related health complications stress can bring.

Programs for adults and seniors

Some of our regions offer productions to adult and senior populations on issues including aging, domestic violence and depression. For example, the Georgia Region developed “Acting on Stress,” a production for adults that focuses on stress reduction and the health complications brought on by stress.

Teaching materials

Depending on the program, we provide educator guides and lessons, student activity books, wallet cards with health information and hotline numbers, and parent guides. These materials support program messages and help facilitate dialogue.

Kaiser Permanente workforce productions and programs

A number of our departments have programs specific to the Kaiser Permanente workforce. For example, The Care Equity Project in Colorado is a collaborative effort to assist community health care providers and Kaiser Permanente staff and physicians with a variety of experiential activities and educational sessions that raise awareness, disseminate knowledge and develop skills to deepen an understanding of people who experience financial challenges.

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