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Health Care Career Scholarship Program

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Kaiser Permanente Health Care Career Scholarship Impacts Students

Results of a comprehensive external evaluation of the Kaiser Permanente Health Care Career Scholarship Program conducted by Education Northwest reveal that the scholarship is reaching diverse and economically/socially disadvantaged students, contributes to recipients’ motivation to attend college, and helps make it financially possible for them to attend college.

The evaluation spanned the scholarship program years 2009 – 2014. Students who received the scholarship were six percentage points more likely to enroll in college and pursue health care studies than non-recipients. As one recipient points out, “The scholarship made a positive difference in shaping my first year in college. Knowing that Kaiser believed in my ability to succeed motivated me to continue striving for academic excellence throughout my educational career.”

The study also showed that recipients who started college at a four-year institution were more likely to have finished a degree within five years than those who started at the community college and recipients who did not need to complete developmental coursework in college were more likely to have completed a degree. These trends mirror regional and national trends and call attention to the relevance of preparing students academically for postsecondary school, particularly in the areas of mathematics and English/writing.

Learn more about the results of the external evaluation of the scholarship program here and read the full report here.

About the Kaiser Permanente Health Care Career Scholarship

In 2008, Kaiser Permanente Northwest founded the Health Care Career Scholarship Program to help students in Oregon and Southwest Washington achieve their dreams of becoming health care professionals. Since then, Kaiser Permanente Northwest has invested more than $2.8 million in the program, including scholarship awards totaling more than $2.5 million.

Scholarships are awarded annually to at least one qualified senior at each of 133 public high schools in the Kaiser Permanente Northwest service area, which spans from north of Longview, Washington, to Eugene, Oregon.

Of the more than 900 students who have received more than 1,000 Kaiser Permanente Health Care Career Scholarships since 2008:

  • 70 percent are first-generation college-bound students.
  • 66 percent are from diverse and/or underrepresented racial/ethnic groups in health care.
  • 58 percent are economically disadvantaged.
  • 56 percent are bilingual.

Scholarship amounts for college-bound high school seniors are $2,000, $5,000, or $10,000. The majority of the scholarships are for $2,000. Those in higher amounts are awarded to the most qualified applicants from across all eligible high schools. The $5,000 and $10,000 awards are split into two equal payments distributed in fall of the first and second years of college.  All awards are nonrenewable.

Once scholarship recipients have reached their second year of college, they are eligible to:

  • Apply to be considered for an additional one-time scholarship to be utilized toward their third year of college.
  • Apply for paid summer internships at Kaiser Permanente (Kaiser Scholars are considered a key talent pool for summer internship positions).

The scholarship program aims to facilitate the entrance of diverse and/or economically or socially disadvantaged students into college and the health care professions. However, all students who meet the basic eligibility requirements are strongly encouraged to apply.

Applications are evaluated based on the following criteria, with the majority of the evaluation focused on non-academic information:

  • Academic achievement
  • Engagement in activities (extracurricular, community service, and/or work)
  • Commitment to a career in health care
  • Character qualities
  • Diversity characteristics
  • Economic and/or social disadvantage

For more information about the Health Care Career Scholarship Program, please see the application web site, which includes a comprehensive “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) section. Still have questions? Contact the Program Manager for Community Health Careers at

2015 Recipients

Scholarships totaling more than $500,000 were awarded to 141 high school seniors and 23 college students in 2015. More than 25% of the awards for high school seniors were in amounts of $5,000 or $10,000. Recipients were celebrated at an awards ceremony in May 2015.

Check out the highlights video from the ceremony below!


2014 Recipients

Scholarships were awarded to 116 high school and 24 college students in 2014. Recipients were celebrated at an awards ceremony in May 2014.  Hear from a few of the students in these video clips:

And check out the highlights video from the ceremony below!