Mother and Son Physicians Enjoy a Love of Kaiser Permanente and the Outdoors

Mom and dad on the riight with three handsome grown sons on the left with the ocean in the background
The Stenmark family.

Sandy Stenmark, MD

I have worked for Kaiser Permanente for 31 years, initially as a pediatrician. Now I lead the Pediatric Cardiovascular Health Initiative, Healthy Beginnings initiative, and Clinic to Community integration efforts for Kaiser Permanente Colorado.

What drew me to Kaiser Permanente was its social mission of improving the health of members and of the community.

Matthew is my oldest of three sons. He has a wonderful work ethic, relates well to patients and colleagues, and has received both teaching and research awards from the University of Michigan, where he was a faculty member in the department of radiation oncology. I am thrilled he is in Colorado and at Kaiser Permanente; also thrilled that he brought his wife and two daughters to Denver.

We both enjoy outdoor recreation — bicycling, hiking, skiing and tennis. When hiking in his youth with his family, Matt continually asked what the point of hiking was and have we had enough activity for the day. He no longer asks those questions and enjoys hiking.

A mom and adult son walking in a nature area surrounded by shrubs with a river and distant mountains in the background

Sandy Stenmark, MD, and her son Matt Stenmark, MD.

Matt Stenmark, MD

I just recently joined Kaiser Permanente in April 2015. I am a radiation oncologist in Denver. I was previously working at the University of Michigan.

Our family was looking to eventually move back to Denver and when this opportunity arose we decided to make the move. I’ve known multiple of the “rad onc” docs at Kaiser Permanete for many years and have always enjoyed their company and have had a lot of respect for the care they deliver.

I enjoy working with quality partners and being able to deliver top-quality care without having to focus on the financial reimbursement of the care I’m delivering.

I enjoy biking, skiing and spending time with my two little girls.