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Community and health improvement are integral tenets of the Kaiser Permanente organization. We provide high-quality, affordable health care services, but we also aim to improve the overall health of the communities we serve. How? By investing in our communities, improving access to care and making a difference in the overall quality of life for people in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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Mid-Atlantic Our Communities Map

Through our Community Benefit Department, we make financial, material and human resource investments across the Mid-Atlantic region to directly address health care issues and eliminate health inequities in our communities. Our doctors and clinicians focus on providing quality medical care for our members. Our community benefit work is an extension of the care provided in the clinical setting. The focus is on improving the health of our members and their neighbors where they live, work and play.

We invite you learn more about our work within the pages of this website and in our 2012 Community Benefit Annual Report.