Grants and Sponsorships

Our commitment to health wellness extends beyond our medical centers.  Through grants and corporate contributions, including sponsorships to local nonprofit organizations, we help improve the quality of life and health of people in the communities we serve.


In 2012, we awarded $2.2 million in grants to nonprofit organizations in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our grants support organizations and programs that aim to improve health among individuals by changing the environments in which people live and play.  We seek funding opportunities that support efforts to prevent obesity and chronic illness, bolster community safety net clinics, and encourage research and training.   Our grant funding allows us to forge meaningful partnerships with local nonprofits, public agencies, like-minded foundations, and other institutions – as we strive for the greatest possible impact on health.

Kaiser Permanente also has a national grantmaking program for nonprofits with a wider geographic scope.

Applying for a Community Benefit Grant

At periodic intervals each calendar year, we invite and consider grant applications from nonprofit organizations. Please check this website regularly for updated information on our next award cycle, application deadlines, and processes.

2012 Grant Recipients

2011 Grant Recipients

2010 Grant Recipients


Our sponsorships are restricted to non-profit organizations serving our Mid-Atlantic service area. Our sponsorship funds are reserved for events or activities related to access to health care, prevention, racial/ethnic disparities, and health care professional education.

A review committee meets each month to consider sponsorship requests. Please submit your request online by the final business day of the month, at least 60 days prior to your event or activity. The application process includes submission of the appropriate documentation of your nonprofit status.

Sponsorship requests for golf tournaments or other athletic events, religious or political activities or events, social organizations, endowments, local chamber of commerce activities or events, individuals, memorials, or field trips will not be considered.