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Kaiser Permanente’s 2013 Annual Report Now Available Online

July 24, 2014

Screen shot of the 2013 Kaiser Permanente Annual Report - Grandfather sitting with boy fishing

Kaiser Permanente’s 2013 annual report, Live Healthy, provides a snapshot of the ways we helped our 9.1 million members live healthy lives. We strive to provide the systems, places and people that help members and our communities achieve the best health possible, and in 2013 we invested $1.9 billion in communities and achieved some of the best clinical scores, safety ratings and member satisfaction rankings in the nation.


  • 9.1 million members served by:
    • 17,425 physicians and 174,415 employees, including 48,285 nurses
  • 93,675 babies delivered
  • 36.5 million doctor office visits
  • 4.4 million members using My Health Manager
  • 38,905 tons of waste materials reused, recycled or composted
  • 17 million kilowatt hours of power generated annually from onsite solar panels


  • $1.9 billion invested in communities
  • $29.6 million invested in medical research development
  • 970,994 children and adults reached by Educational Theatre programs
  • 558,461 children and adults enrolled in care and coverage programs

Through story and video in this annual report, you can learn why Kaiser Permanente is a great place to receive care and coverage. For example, to better serve members in 2013, we launched our new Cancer Care site (also available in Spanish), which offers a 360-degree approach to care with resources and support, from prevention and treatment to living well after recovery. Our researchers also conducted 4,184 research studies on important health topics, including using exercise as a vital sign.

And to help low-income individuals and families gain access to health care coverage, we invested $1.8 billion in subsidized care and coverage programs. We also made many lives better by performing 221,660 inpatient surgeries, 1.7 million colorectal cancer screenings and 962,852 mammograms.

To learn more about Kaiser Permanente successes in 2013, aligned with our mission to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of members and the communities we serve, visit