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Kaiser Permanente Statement on Customer Concerns Over Health Care Costs and Affordability

July 26, 2013

  REGIONS: National 

At Kaiser Permanente, we fully recognize the real problem: This country, our state, and some of our customers are facing an ongoing affordability problem around health care costs.

Although our rates are very competitive, and we believe we provide great value to our customers and members, we’re committed to continue working to address this problem. We work hard to support our businesses and our consumers who have placed their trust in us. We know we need to deliver not only high quality health care, but more affordable health care.

The information and analysis we provide our large customers is very comprehensive. We think it gives customers insights into the health of their employees and the cost of their care in ways no one else can. Yet at the same time, we understand that we (and the entire health care industry) need to continue providing our customers and members greater information that can help them and us together be successful in better managing the health care costs of the populations we’re serving.

Affordability is at the crux of all this, and we know we have to continue on the path to improve quality and service to drive greater affordability. We have to do it much more quickly.

We are dedicated to delivering more affordable coverage, and working with our customers to help them achieve more affordable health care costs, as well. Delivering on this is one of our key goals, as we also continue to build on our great quality improvements.