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Kaiser Permanente, Disney Online Forge Partnership to Promote Healthy Family Living

June 24, 2008


Kaiser Permanente and Disney Online have announced a partnership through which Kaiser Permanente will provide health content and expert counsel for Disney’s Web site.

Disney Online announced the partnership with the creation of a new “healthy families” section in its Web site. The section will feature tips and ideas aimed at providing ways that parents can make lifestyle changes for themselves and their families. Kaiser Permanente’s health content and experts will be used to communicate the importance of nutrition and exercise to parents.

In addition, links from will take visitors to Kaiser Permanente’s “Kid Wisdom” microsite, which features a popular Kaiser Permanente television ad personality as it promotes child nutrition and exercise.

In announcing the partnership, Disney released results of an online survey in which parents indicated that raising a healthy family is a top priority, but that they were confused about the information available to them to help reach that goal.

As part of the launch of’s new “healthy families” section, Disney will offer an “Eat Smart” sweepstakes that will award a family with a one-year supply of healthy meals that will be delivered to their home.

Disney Online produces the No. 1 childrens’ entertainment and family community destination on the World Wide Web, with 5.3 million unique visitors and 106 million page views in an average month. For more about the partnership, read this press release.