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Kaiser Permanente Comments on Proposal to Address Coverage Changes in 2014

November 14, 2013

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Kaiser Permanente issued the following statement related to today’s announcement by the Obama Administration on health plan coverage for Americans with non-grandfathered plans:

“We are reviewing today’s announcement and hope to learn more from the Administration and state regulators about the details of this proposal and how it might be put into effect.

“As we have worked to implement the extensive federal and state reforms of the health coverage market over the past four years, our primary focus has been to make these changes work for our members and customers, while we also continue to improve our ability to deliver affordable, high-quality health care.

“If federal and state governments intend to change the health care coverage rules and the composition of federal and state marketplaces in 2014, we hope those changes will be done thoughtfully and with all stakeholders involved, to obtain the best outcome. Our common goal should be to minimize any unintended effects, and avoid – as much as possible – further disruption for individuals and families who are already seeing significant change as a result of health care reform.

“We will continue to update our members and customers on how these changes will impact them as the details of this proposal and its implementation become clearer.”