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Kaiser Permanente Colorado Announces 2011 Plans for Medicare

November 12, 2010

  REGIONS: Colorado 

DENVER — Kaiser Permanente Colorado has announced its 2011 plans for individual Medicare-eligible beneficiaries, reflecting its continued commitment to Medicare patients throughout the Colorado region.

Kaiser Permanente Colorado Announces 2011 Plans for Medicare

The announcement follows the recent release of the top-ranked Medicare plans by the National Committee for Quality Assurance’s “NCQA’s Health Insurance Plan Rankings 2010–2011 — Medicare,” listing Kaiser Permanente Colorado as the top-rated Medicare plan in Colorado and No. 2 in the entire nation. This is the second year in a row the Colorado health plan has ranked among the top-five Medicare plans in the U.S. for quality and member satisfaction.

In addition, Kaiser Permanente Colorado received the 2011 Senior Choice Gold Award from the independent managed care research firm, HealthMetrix Research Inc. The award recognizes Kaiser Permanente Colorado’s top-notch Medicare plans as the best value for seniors in the Denver-Boulder and southern Colorado service areas.

Kaiser Permanente’s individual Medicare plans offer a wide range of benefits and a selection of plans that help seniors stay healthy. Kaiser Permanente’s website,, provides comprehensive information that allows visitors to learn about Medicare, explore Kaiser Permanente’s Medicare health plans, and then enroll online. Eligible Medicare beneficiaries can enroll in a plan during the annual election period which runs from Nov. 15 through Dec. 31, 2010. Potential members can also learn more about Kaiser Permanente’s Medicare plans by calling 1-800-509-7570

Kaiser Permanente Colorado Medicare plan members have access to more than 860 physicians in 18 Medical Centers and offices throughout the Denver-Boulder area.  In southern Colorado, members have access to more than 1,100 primary care physicians and specialists.

Kaiser Permanente Colorado offers of wide range of individual and group Medicare plans. All plans include preventive care services, such as routine physical exams, mammograms, immunizations, colorectal screenings, bone mass measurements, and prostate screenings. Health education classes and disease management programs are covered at little or no additional cost. All plans also offer generic pharmacy coverage through the coverage gap, and  select plans offer dental coverage and routine transportation, to and from the medical office.

With its unique integrated care delivery system in its medical offices, Kaiser Permanente makes it easy to connect to health care providers and services needed around the clock to stay healthy. In March 2010, Kaiser Permanente completed the full implementation of its groundbreaking electronic health record, Kaiser Permanente HealthConnect® in its Kaiser Permanente medical offices. The system provides care teams with access to patient information and the latest best practices in one place, to further enhance patient safety and quality care while increasing overall care coordination.

The electronic health record system also supports My Health Manager, Kaiser Permanente’s personal health record, a patient-focused tool that provides members with easy and convenient access to their personal health information and all the necessary tools to manage their health, including e-mail access to care providers, online prescription refills, and the ability to make or change appointments.

Kaiser Permanente currently provides care to approximately 70,000 Medicare members in Colorado.

About Kaiser Permanente Colorado

About Kaiser Permanente ColoradoThe Colorado Permanente Medical Group has an exclusive contract with Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado to form Kaiser Permanente Colorado, the state's largest private, non-profit health care provider in the state. CPMG is Colorado's largest medical group practice within a health care organization, and employs 800 regular status physicians representing all medical specialties and major sub-specialties. More than 483,000 members in the Denver/Boulder and Colorado Springs areas have access to Kaiser Permanente care through an expanded suite of health care products. Kaiser Permanente physicians and care teams focus on prevention as well as managing disease, all in an effort to help patients live well and thrive. Visit us online at or get the latest in health news at our News Center.