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Infographic Text: The Rule of Two

December 13, 2016

detail of Rule of Two infographic

The Rule of Two

Individuals who have the following are more likely to have mutations in BRCA1 or BRCa2:

Two Relatives
Two or more family members with breast and/or ovarian cancer.

Two Generations
A family history of breast or ovarian cancer over two generations, on the same side of the family (mother or father’s side).

Too Young
Family members diagnosed with breast cancer at an early age (especially age 45 and younger).

Two Cancers
A history of both breast and ovarian cancer in the family. Or a family member with more than one cancer, such as cancer in both breasts or breast and ovarian cancer together.

Too Rare
A male family member with breast cancer. Breast cancer occurs in about one in 1,000 men.

Rule of Two infographic for genetic testing