We believe health is a civil rights issue.

Kaiser Permanente is a leader in identifying, measuring, and eliminating disparities in health and health care.  We will do this by providing equitable access and care to our members.  We also target resources to areas of need in the communities we serve, invests in important and needed research into the entire construct of disparities, and identify and implement strategies and policies that support equity in health nationwide, including universal health coverage.

“A nation free of disparities in health and health care.”  That bold goal expresses the vision behind the HHS Action Plan to reduce Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in April 2011.  And it aligns exactly with our high-priority focus on health equity and the need for broad cultural diversity throughout the health care enterprise.

The HHS plan provided a first-ever national road map for moving aggressively toward a future in which members of all racial and ethnic minorities and other underserved populations have the opportunity to live healthy lives.  At Kaiser Permanente, we are pursuing this goal from multiple directions and at an accelerating pace, driven by the understanding that whenever any group or community is left behind on the road to health, we all suffer.

Our commitment to total health at the community level requires that no group be left behind in the making of healthy communities.  That’s why we continue to deepen our engagement in the promotion of health equity and the elimination of health disparities.  These objectives have been long-standing Kaiser Permanente priorities.