In The Community

2011 Project


Following the devastating Gulf Coast hurricanes of 2005, Kaiser Permanente made a commitment to help the people of the Gulf Coast recover and rebuild their communities.

For the fifth year, a team of talented Kaiser Permanente employees and physicians, representing each of our operational regions, are fulfilling that commitment by traveling to the Gulf Coast to participate in community-based recovery and rebuilding efforts.

Partnering with Lutheran Episcopal Services in Mississippi and HandsOn New Orleans – nonprofit organizations that facilitate volunteerism, 30 of our volunteers in Ocean Springs, Mississippi and 30 volunteers in New Orleans, Louisiana will put a variety of their skills and talents into rebuilding the community.

Kaiser Permanente has a long and deep history with the Gulf Coast region. A multigenerational connection was established years ago, through our workforce and health plan members, many of whom migrated from the region to seek work in Kaiser Industry’s Richmond, California and Portland, Oregon shipyards during World War II.

Through pictures, photo essays, videos from Ocean Springs and New Orleans, as well as notes from the field from our volunteers, we share inspiring glimpses of the recovery efforts.