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George Halvorson Community Benefit Leadership Award

The George Halvorson Community Benefit Leadership Award is a national award that honors an individual’s exemplary contributions to Kaiser Permanente’s organized Community Benefit program. George Halvorson served as chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente from 2002 to 2013. He has been recognized for this leadership and achievement in advancing health car equality.

Community Benefit Summit 2016

Sharon Levine, MD was the first recipient to receive the George Halvorson Community Benefit Leadership Award.

In 2016, Sharon Levine, MD, became the first recipient of the George Halvorson Community Benefit Leadership Award.  Dr. Levine’s career speaks not only to her unwavering commitment to ensure high-quality, patient-centered health care, but her fidelity to Kaiser Permanente’s mission to improve the health of the communities we serve. According to Dr. Levine, “My community benefit work has been the greatest joy in what is already a very wonderful career . . . at Kaiser Permanente. I’ve had the world’s best career at Kaiser Permanente, and I’ve loved my work with Community Benefit.”

Over her 40 year career at Kaiser Permanente, Dr. Levine has time and again demonstrated her leadership from her efforts as a member of the inaugural Kaiser Permanente Community Benefits Committee’s to establish an organized Community Benefits program, to her inspiring Kaiser Permanente to take a stand against California’s Proposition 54 which would have made it illegal for state and local agencies to collect data on race or ethnicity, to her sponsorship of Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Coordinating Council for Environmental Stewardship.

Dr. Levine began her career at The Permanente Medical Group in 1977 as a pediatrician at the Kaiser Permanente Hayward Medical Center and Fremont Medical Center (both in California) and over the years, built an impressive legacy of advocacy for issues ranging from diversity to maternity care coverage to prescription drug pricing. Through her advocacy, Dr. Levine helped shine a light on Kaiser Permanente’s quality care and the value of true partnership between the health plan and medical groups.

Dr. Levine currently serves on the National Permanente Executive Leadership team, overseeing External Affairs, Communications and Brand, and serves on various policy boards, including the Medical Board of California, the Institute for Medical Quality and the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute. She will also serve as an advisor on population health for the Public Health Institute of California.