Generations of Care

Emile Pinera, MD’s, and his mother who also worked at Kaiser Permanente as registered nurse.

Kaiser Permanente has cared for workers on the Boulder Dam in 1933, Kaiser shipyard workers in WWII, opened our health care resources to non-Kaiser companies in 1945, and on through today. We’ve cared for generations of members. Here are some of their stories.

1970s yellowed photo of Dr. Fliesher writing at a deskIf you were born at Kaiser Permanente’s Panorama City Medical Center between 1962 and 1998, it is very likely that Arthur Fleisher, MD, was the delivery-room doctor. Read more about Dr. Fleisher »
Paul and Proserfina Strona sitting and looking at a bookPaul and Proserfina Strona share their 50-year Kaiser Permanente experience, from watching boats in the marina at the old Ala Moana Hospital while waiting to give birth to their first child to having “an all-star cast of specialists that are personal friends.” icon_media_video Watch a video of the Strona’s sharing their experience »
An older woman holding a nice boquet of flowers celebrating working at Kaiser Permanente for 50 years. Next to her is a man who presented the flowers.On April 1, 1965, Joyce Pylkki was walking home from high school when her father came by in his car and told her to “hurry home.” He had received a message that she had been selected to start a new job at Bess Kaiser Hospital in Portland, Oregon. Read more about the Joyce’s journey »
Mom and dad on the right with three handsome grown sons on the left with the ocean in the backgroundMother Sandy Stenmark, MD, has been joined by her son Matt Stenmark, MD, at Kaiser Permanente Colorado. Besides a commitment to health and medicine, they both share a love of the outdoors. Read more about the Drs. Stenmark »
headshot of Dr. Emile PineraEmile Pinera, MD’s, parents worked as registered nurses at Kaiser Permanente in Southern California. Growing up he saw how much they enjoyed working there. Now Dr. Pinera’s continues the family tradition working for Kaiser Permanente Georgia.  icon_media_video Watch a video with Dr. Pinera »
A woman in a beautiful garden smiling in a low-key way at the camera.If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Jean Seon’s family must think highly of her career choices. The recently retired physician staffing coordinator led three generations of family members to work for Kaiser Permanente. Read her story »
Seventy three years ago, in August, 1943, Nelle Neighbor-Alonzo was born in Kaiser Permanente’s new hospital in Oakland, the flagship facility in what would become Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Region. Read her story »
Kaiser Permanente’s first facility in Southern California was built to care for Kaiser steelworkers — and some employees’ families have been working there just about ever since. Read their story »
Nice picture of two women at an evening party dressed up and ready to go out on the town.Claire Hearlihy and her mother Laura both work for Kaiser Permanente in Colorado; Claire for 12 years in a variety of capacities and Laura for almost 10 years providing administrative support. Read Laura and Claire’s story »