In The Community

Environmental Stewardship


At Kaiser Permanente, we recognize that healthy communities and a healthy environment are critical to the health and wellness of every person. Creating these has always been central to our mission.

Kaiser Permanente’s Environmental Stewardship program is anchored in its community benefit work and embedded throughout the organization. Our environmental stewardship efforts help us advance our mission and our vision for total health — an approach that emphasizes the social, environmental, behavioral and clinical aspects that shape one’s well being.

The health of our environment is, without a doubt, facing a multitude of challenges. From climate change to toxic chemicals, pollution and waste — our environment is suffering from ill health and these factors are, in turn, threatening the health and well being of our communities. While minimizing environmental risks may seem impossible, we at Kaiser Permanente believe it is both our responsibility and obligation as a health care provider to minimize our environmental impact and support health at every opportunity.

Announcing our 2025 environmental stewardship goals

Kaiser Permanente is pleased to announce its next set of long-term environmental stewardship goals that will guide the organization’s sustainability efforts through the year 2025. Each of the seven new goals is intentionally ambitious, serving as a rallying cry for us to further align our business practices with our desire to help people thrive and to build healthy communities.

These environmental stewardship goals offer an opportunity to raise the bar on environmental responsibility, not just for Kaiser Permanente but for the broader private sector in the U.S. and globally. We hope they inspire us all to create a future where total health is at the core of all that we do.