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Coordinated Care Helped Ricardo Martinez Manage Depression and Anxiety

Ricardo loves to fly fish, so he knew he had a serious problem when even his favorite hobby didn’t inspire him to get out of bed.

“There is no feeling worse that I have ever felt than waking up and not wanting to wake up,” said the longtime Kaiser Permanente member. “I wasn’t sure what my entire purpose in life was or what I was doing on the face of this earth.”

Ricardo told his primary care physician how he was feeling. The doctor told him he might be going through an episode of depression and arranged for Ricardo to see a Kaiser Permanente psychiatrist and a mental health therapist. Working together, the team recommended a treatment plan, including lifestyle changes, talk therapy and antidepressants.

Ricardo’s therapist also taught him coping skills, such as breathing exercises. After four years of coordinated care from his physician, psychiatrist and therapist, Ricardo was able to stop taking antidepressants and now relies on his healthier lifestyle and coping techniques. He no longer dreads waking up and has been able to fully re-engage in life with his wife and three children.