Community Health Needs Assessments (2013)

December 17, 2016

Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to community health is an essential part of our mission. We have a proud history of investing in community health programs and partnering with other organizations to identify and address the most urgent health needs in the communities we serve.

Below you will find information about the health needs in the communities served by each of our licensed hospitals, including:

  • Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) reports: Findings from the extensive health assessments we conducted in partnership with other organizations.
  • Implementation Strategy (IS) reports: Details describing our planned response to the needs identified through the CHNA process.

Conducting CHNAs and making them available to the public meets our obligations under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). We welcome feedback on these assessments (links to provide feedback are available on the cover page of each CHNA report).

For more information, and to access the free, web-based CHNA Data Platform, we developed that puts comprehensive community health data at your fingertips, please visit

Community Health Needs Assessments:

Northern California:
Antioch CHNA 2013 Antioch IS Report 2013
Fremont CHNA 2013 Fremont IS Report 2013
Fresno CHNA 2013 Fresno IS Report 2013
Hayward CHNA 2013 Hayward IS Report 2013
Manteca CHNA 2013 Manteca IS Report 2013
Modesto CHNA 2013 Modesto IS Report 2013
Oakland CHNA 2013 Oakland IS Report 2013
Redwood City CHNA 2013 Redwood City IS Report 2013
Richmond CHNA 2013 Richmond IS Report 2013
Roseville CHNA 2013 Roseville IS Report 2013
Sacramento CHNA 2013 Sacramento IS Report 2013
San Francisco CHNA 2013 San Francisco IS Report 2013
San Jose CHNA 2013 San Jose IS Report 2013
San Rafael CHNA 2013 San Rafael IS Report 2013
Santa Clara CHNA 2013 Santa Clara IS Report 2013
Santa Rosa CHNA 2013 Santa Rosa IS Report 2013
South Sacramento CHNA 2013 South Sacramento IS Report 2013
South San Francisco CHNA 2013 South San Francisco IS Report 2013
Vacaville CHNA 2013 Vacaville IS Report 2013
Vallejo CHNA 2013 Vallejo IS Report 2013
Walnut Creek CHNA 2013 Walnut Creek IS Report 2013
Southern California:
Anaheim CHNA 2013 Anaheim IS Report 2013
Baldwin Park CHNA 2013 Baldwin Park IS Report 2013
Downey CHNA 2013 Downey IS Report 2013
Fontana CHNA 2013 Fontana IS Report 2013
Irvine CHNA 2013 Irvine IS Report 2013
Los Angeles CHNA 2013 Los Angeles IS Report 2013
Moreno Valley CHNA 2013 Moreno Valley IS Report 2013
Ontario CHNA 2013 Ontario IS Report 2013
Panorama City CHNA 2013 Panorama City IS Report 2013
Riverside CHNA 2013 Riverside IS Report 2013
San Diego CHNA 2013 San Diego IS Report 2013
South Bay CHNA 2013 South Bay IS Report 2013
West Los Angeles CHNA 2013 West Los Angeles IS Report 2013
Woodland Hills CHNA 2013 Woodland Hills IS Report 2013