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Sponsorships, Fundraisers, Community Service

We support community activities and events through sponsorships, board placements, and community service to foster partnerships that support community needs. Our community relations efforts support capacity building and infrastructure development at the local level, contributing to the economic vitality and the overall health of our community. Sponsored events and activities include marathons, walks, fundraising galas, luncheons, and other community events that allow Coloradans to thrive.

We also collaborate with employee business affinity groups to support specific diverse communities and populations that are often under-represented racial, ethnic, and/or LGBTI minorities.

Sponsorship Support Overview

We primarily, but are not limited to, sponsorship efforts in the communities where we have medical office buildings. We do not sponsor the following:

  • Organizations that discriminate
  • Political candidates
  • Religious activities
  • Events that are denominational or sectarian in purpose

Click here for more information about sponsorship requests.

Community Service Overview

In addition to investing financially into our state’s communities, we also are committed to providing other Kaiser Permanente Colorado assets and resources to improve community health and overall vibrancy, including the time, talents, and expertise of more than 7,000 employees and physicians.

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