Colorado Mother and Daughter Share the Kaiser Permanente Legacy

Nice picture of two women at an evening party dressed up and ready to go out on the town.
Mother and daughter Laura and Claire Hearlihy.

Claire Hearlihy and her mother Laura both work for Kaiser Permanente in Colorado; Claire for 12 years in a variety of capacities (she’s now a Project Coordinator for their Patient Financial Services Department) and Laura for almost 10 years providing administrative support for the Creative Services/Integrated Communications and Brand Management department.

And bringing the generations forward, Claire and her daughter Alaya were both born at St. Joes, a Kaiser Permanente partner hospital in Denver.

Claire’s enthusiastic about her work community:

The people I work with have truly made my years at Kaiser Permanente so remarkable and so memorable. They have become my extended family. I see the people I work with more regularly than I do my own extended family!…No matter whether you’re a HIPAA specialist or a project coordinator, we’re all working towards the same common goal, day in and day out — to care for our member and really meet our members where they are. I have been privileged to work with some of the most intellectual and driven individuals within any health care organization. Because Kaiser Permanente has such a unique health care model, it gives you a greater sense of community and responsibility to that community knowing that the work you are doing truly affects and matters to those you care most about.

A woman dressed up in a bright green brocolli costume in a bookstore. There's a hat of brocolli on her head.

Laura Hearlihy in her healthy living costume, Cris P. Broccoli. See Laura in action at event »

Laura, whose job responsibilities include dressing up as the mascot “Cris P. Broccoli” and handing out sunscreen and fresh fruit, agrees:

Being part of the communications team means doing something fun and different every day. Because we engage with nearly every department and location throughout the Colorado region, I’ve made a lot of new friends and built great working relationships with so many wonderful people. I believe in the work we’re doing and never felt the need to look elsewhere — I’m home here!

The Hearlihys thrive, spending a lot of time outdoors enjoying the Rocky Mountain goodness by biking, golfing, fishing, hiking and snowboarding. Laura also participates in the KP Walk program and Bike to Work Day. And Claire notes this extra boost when she was twice nominated for the Summit Award: “I have never had the opportunity to hear my name announced amongst such prestigious individuals who take just as much pride in their work as I do. It’s like being nominated at the Oscars. Very honoring!”